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Join Arrays

In SQL we use join day by day. But what if we need to intersect and sort 2D arrays directly in c#? Here is my example how to join person and donut by donut type. Including * for person who likes … Continue reading

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Import dirty csv file

Let’s pretend that you need to import neat.csv file (provided by external vendor/partner/system) to your database table . You must be lucky to import data like this: ==================== Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4 1,”A”,10.0,2013/10/01 2,”B”,20.0,2013/10/02 3,””,0,2013/10/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see, here is 3 records with … Continue reading

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How to copy/paste my … table

How easily you can copy data stored in table? Let’s assume, that you need to copy entire table? It could be useful for some reasons: testing, upgrade, fixing data corruption. Did you ever try to do that accurately? It could … Continue reading

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