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How to customize password generation

You can use standard random function call [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“System.Web”) [System.Web.Security.Membership]::GeneratePassword(8,2) # (lengh,complexity) In that case, you get simple but unpredictable range of symbols which can conflict with your password policy. Or you can customise it using specific logic. For example, you need at least 1 symbol … Continue reading

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Oh My Search

I really love search. It is part of my life. I use it everyday as a way of knowledge. And that is not Google about. The most tricky one is corporate search. It varies, is not consistent, and depends. It depends … Continue reading

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Join Arrays

In SQL we use join day by day. But what if we need to intersect and sort 2D arrays directly in c#? Here is my example how to join person and donut by donut type. Including * for person who likes … Continue reading

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Project Oxford: Computer Vision API pros & cons

Microsoft project code named Oxford has number of interesting APIs. Let’s dig into one of them – OCR. Computer Vision API provides OCR conversion from images to text. It could be tested from here. It is really fast, but requires understanding of the subject. … Continue reading

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All date formats in one query

WITH N0 as (SELECT 1 as n UNION ALL SELECT 1) ,N1 as (SELECT 1 as n FROM N0 t1, N0 t2) ,N2 as (SELECT 1 as n FROM N1 t1, N1 t2) ,N3 as (SELECT 1 as n FROM … Continue reading

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OpenProj free project managment example

“OpenProj” is a project management application similar to Microsoft Project. It includes most of the features of Microsoft Project but is free. It could be used : if you need to view a Microsoft Project file and do not have … Continue reading

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How to highlight searching words in text

Here is quick example how to highlight searching words using full text search in TSQL. It also avoids highlighting stop words /* Author: Andrew Butenko Create date: 14-01-2015 Description: highlight searching words in text including forms and excluding stop words Example: DECLARE … Continue reading

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