OpenProj free project managment example

OpenProj” is a project management application similar to Microsoft Project. It includes most of the features of Microsoft Project but is free. It could be used :

  • if you need to view a Microsoft Project file and do not have a licenced copy of Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project files can be opened and viewed in OpenProj.
  • if you are creating a work break structure (WBS)

Here is PowerShell example how to export some SQL data as WBS :


This approach allows to offset task management to another tool, delegate it to right person (project manager) and send it back to database when it is ready.

Another example – you have many SQL jobs implicitly depending each others.  How to organise  optimal schedules? Which next job should be invoked? You can control flow within each job for each step. But that is sequential scenario with many time gaps. But what if I have many jobs without sequential pattern, operating like a graph with many parallel and recursive entry points? What if I have many SQL servers with many jobs?

As a rule, each job has its own schedule. For example ETL jobs runs within maintenance time frame. The main problem – how to decrease maintenance time frame, let’s say from 8 hours to 1 hours window? I know right answer is – it depends! But that is not an option. First of all, we need to inject dependencies between jobs. And then we need to implement “I’m done” notification. I have seen number of implementations: alerts, email, events, invokers. It is up to you, Just keep in mind one more option described here.

Happy coding!


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